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These are difficult times for employers, apprentices, and training providers As part of the cross-government efforts to respond to the impact of COVID-19, the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) is implementing new measures, for the duration of the pandemic, to make it easier for apprenticeships to continue and complete in a different way, if they need to or to break and resume an apprenticeship later when that becomes possible.
Training Provider assessors are booking remote tutorials with the apprentices so all teaching and learning is being completed virtually. Following this, action plans are being set through apprentices online portfolios to include relevant assessments that apprentices need to complete. If an Apprentice requires observations then alternative assessments will be discussed and agreed. Tutors have been advised to continue to work with the Apprentices until we cannot progress them any further forward. For example, they need an observation and there is no way around this, they have reached their End Point Assessment (EPA) or they have a Functional Skills exam.
If you have an apprentice, please ensure you have regular communications with the training provider to gauge what route is needed in your apprentice's individual case, this could be virtual learning/webinars or even a break of learning. Each training provider is taking a different approach to the way they are teaching with their learners and COVID-19, even though all have cancelled face to face learning, exams and tutor sessions/reviews they are all coming up with innovative ideas to keep their learners on track in these uncertain times.

For more information please visit:

Gov's Information Page HASO Skills for Health COVID-19 update page 
Alternatively, your training provider should have an update on their website.


Functional Skills:

In these challenging times, The Primary Care Academy is pleased to be able to share some positive news with GP Practices, staff members across the NHS have been offered a package from HEE Talent for Care Team which gives employees access to software that supports Functional Skills learning, for 1 year.
This will help to support maths, English and ICT skills development at a time when many employees may be struggling with all kinds of challenges, as you know training providers cannot have face to face learning/classroom sessions at this uncertain time, this software is developed for self-directed study and learning and can be undertaken from home via a laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone.
Alison Greensmith, The Primary Care Academy’s Workforce Development Coordinator will send out Functional Skills (BKSB) application forms to GP Practices, in order for the student to gain access to the online learning platform. Alternatively, you can send Alison Greensmith an email to Alison Greensmith to nominate yourself or a member of your staff to access this free maths, English and ICT development opportunity.

Please can you make sure you inform Alison promptly as the number of users is limited, and we want as many people as possible to be able to access and not miss the opportunity?

Fast Tracking the Apprentice Bike Offer for GM Apprentices in Key Worker Roles

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