Work Experience: What is it?

The Department of Education definition of work experience:

" A placement on employers premises in which a student comes from an education setting and carries out particular tasks and duties such as an employee would but with emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience "


> It gives young people the opportunity for involvement in a workplace

> It helps the student understand how the world of work operates and how it differs to school.

> Working and gaining experience with all types of ages, religions and ethnicity.

> Benefits students who know exactly what career they would like. They are able to see what goes on day to day in their chosen career.

> It gives employers the chance to raise their profile in the local area and to be involved in developing the workforce of the future.

> It helps develop a wide range of skills and puts them into practice.

> Work experience can help students who are unsure of what career they want. They can see if a certain career will suit them.

> Helps the student gain extra knowledge on their chosen career-ready for college/university in the future.

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